Found a little something

Picked up this articulated truck in Poundland for £4 and it seems to be almost perfect scale.

I have a feeling its probably 1:50 scale, which is just about right for the Spectre miniatures SWAT team that I have painted up ready to act as my SCO19 officers in this scenario.

Figures are not yet finished but they fit in good with the truck and for the price I will probably pick up a couple more to use as scenery in the freight yard.

If I get a chance to repaint and add some mods to the truck I will post up the results.



Hello everyone,

Well, life got in the way for a while huh? It certainly did here. But, back to basics and back to planning this Spectre Operations scenario.

Planning has recommenced on the timeline and writing of the scenario plot, which will centre around an Armed Police element (based off of SCO19’s Trojan ARV units) being tasked to take down an Organised Crime Group with a large cell operating in several locations around London. My plan so far is that there will be 3 initial locations as follows:

  • Freight Hauliers yard being used as a cover for weapons/drugs storage.
  • Residential terraced street address being used for Human Trafficking
  • Off-shore moving freight ship smuggling drugs into ports on the Thames.

Something very much like the below image is being used as a plan for the freight yard. It will have a variety of scenic pieces to provide cover for the Trojan team as they approach on foot and investigate hidden enemies in the building before they are able to fight back.

I am looking at different options for the vehicles and containers in the lot. My plan will be to 3d print most of what I can, and perhaps buy a limited amount of vehicles and cast them in resin to provide more scatter.

Updates will continue to come as and when I can get some of this done. I will try and be more regular if I can and I hope you can take some inspiration from this for your own game at some point.


Back to business!!!

It’s been a while since I updated so here is a little progress update.

Unfortunately other matters have taken me away from this project until recently so I will be trying to find some time to get it up and running this summer.

Supplies are in. I have a selection of Police type figures and “baddies” ready to be painted, and have made a start on planning the games that I will be putting together.

First up will be a warehouse with freight yard around it that the Police will assault. Something like this:

reference photos

Should prove to be a lovely little build and a good start to the game once I get it going. The plan is for modular boards that can be stand alone or link up to make a much larger game.


What’s the Gen?

So you’re asking yourself what’s this all about? Well here’s the idea.

As a kid I made models and wargamed.

As a grown up I was a police firearms officer.

Now I want to bring those 2 passions together.

I’ve not seen the 28mm spectre miniatures used in such a fashion, as to represent the UK Armed Police factions of SCO19 pitted against the forces of terror and organised crime.

So with the little bit of skill and the knowledge that I possess I am setting out on this journey to create a realistic immersive wargaming experience.

Hopefully I will learn alot along the way and I will certainly pass on what I learn through this blog and hopefully, eventually, a YouTube channel.

Next I will be discussing some of the scenarios I have in mind and how I might make them work in miniature scale.


Welcome to Trojan – A Spectre Operations Miniatures Scenario

Welcome to Trojan – A Spectre Operations Miniatures Scenario.

Through this blog and accompanying YouTube and social media posts I will endeavour to document the creation of my 28mm wargaming scenario, terrain and miniatures using the Spectre Operations table-top wargaming rules. The Scenarios that I am creating will be based around the operations of the UK’s Metropolitan Police SCO19 Armed Response and Specialist Firearms Operations. I intend to build a series of dioramas which can be used to play 28mm miniatures and to expand on the Spectre Operations rules. I will be including tutorials and how-to guides, gameplay videos and templates to help anyone who wishes to come along for the ride.


Stay tuned here for updates as we go. First will be some outlines as to the content and background on the units I will be using, this will be followed up by some how to showcases and tutorials.